How do you know when to use a suppository? This is one of the biggest questions asked by women during pregnancy and they want to know how to find out the time of day that will be best for them to insert the suppository. The answer is that it all depends on the position in which you are pregnant, and it also depends on how long you have been pregnant and what your menstrual cycle is like at the moment. A woman can’t tell you how long you will be pregnant just from asking her.

So, how can you find out when to use a suppository? You can look for out of the ordinary signs in the vagina, such as itching, irritation or bleeding. You can also get an idea from the doctor. If you are having a baby, your doctor may give you a prenatal test that will give you a good idea of how long it will take to get pregnant. Your doctor will be able to tell you exactly when it’s going to happen if you are not sure. He may give you a couple of days to insert a suppository or he may tell you to wait until a week or two later.

There is no real “right” way to insert a suppository into your vagina. In fact, this is an important decision for your health. There are some things to remember when you are inserting the suppository into your vagina. First of all, you should know that when a woman is pregnant her vagina gets inflamed and sensitive, so she doesn’t really want to use a suppository right after she has had sex. A better idea would be to wait until after you have had a bowel movement because this is when most of the irritation and pain in the vaginal area will stop. And, in the early months, you should also be careful when you are inserting a suppository. It is usually best to avoid inserting the suppository when you are too embarrassed to do so.