There are two kinds of suppositories – the natural ones and the artificial ones. Natural ones go directly into the vagina, rectum, or the bladder, which is the way they go by mouth.

Types of Suppositories

Some use them as a topical or insert to prevent pregnancy, such as pills, sprays, and even lubricant patches. Sometimes, they help to heal infections from yeast and fungus. Or, they may treat an internal condition, like urinary tract infections, or to lessen the pain of hemorrhoids. Rectal ones go into the upper portion of the rectum.

The synthetic types of suppository include creams, gels, suppository pills, suppository pads, suppository powders, and suppository gels. There are some women who prefer these since they have less side effects.

Many people prefer the suppository that goes into the vagina, since it is not as messy as the suppository that goes into the butt or vagina. This is because the suppository is inserted into the anus.

To use the suppository, it is important to make sure that it is the right size for you and the way it goes inside. They come in various sizes. Some are meant for use during sex and when you are pregnant. Others are meant to be used after giving birth.

You can buy the products from different brands in pharmacies and from the supermarket. Some even sell them over the internet. The good thing about online shopping is that you can compare the prices at the same time and even find the best deals on them. So go out there and grab some suppositories today!

Some of the suppositories have certain medical conditions that might require that you consult a doctor before using the suppositories. The condition of the cervix, for example, might be so sensitive that it might cause you to experience pain if you put a suppository in the wrong place.

One of the different types of suppository is the one that contains lanolin, which is made of animal fat. It is supposed to moisturize the vagina. It has also been found to be a good cure for bacterial vaginosis, a sexually transmitted disease.

Other than that, there are also some suppositories contain zinc, which helps to soften the vaginal walls. and makes it easier for a woman to have a bowel movement.

Suppositories are available for all sorts of purposes. They can be applied to stop infection, heal or ease pain, relieve itching, prevent pregnancy, reduce irritation, or to promote healing and relaxation. You can also use them to clean your vagina and keep it clean.