Know More About Suppositories

There are two main types of suppository, the sublingual and the injectable ones. Sublingual suppositories are inserted into the rectum while injectable suppositories are injected into the vaginal wall. The injectable kind tends to work faster and be more reliable than the sublingual type. There are some risks and side effects with both types of suppository. They should be discussed with your doctor before use.

Doctors usually recommend the two types of suppository for different purposes and medical conditions. For instance, women who have recurring infections of the reproductive system generally use the sublingual type of suppository to combat their infections. Others insert some in the vagina and some in the rectum. Less commonly, people will have to take urethral injections. Sometimes women who are pregnant or have a history of fertility problems will take a urethra suppository after sexual intercourse. Some people take sublingual suppositories when they have their periods so that the discharge can be removed easily.

Injectable types of suppository are not recommended in pregnancy. If the doctor recommends them, they will have to be used only by pregnant women. It is because of the high risk of complications in pregnancy. These complications may include uterine rupture or infection. Other risks involve bleeding after childbirth. If you are already at the hospital waiting for a child birth, it may become necessary to remove some of the liquid from your body. This liquid is not sterile, which may cause an infection to occur.

As much as possible, women should avoid using them for a long time. This way there would be no risks and side effects that can occur. If they do happen, treatment should be performed immediately. It is recommended that you start to use suppositories at least once per day until you reach the recommended dosage. Some women may find it easier to just use regular toilet paper when they have intercourse.

Injections and suppositories have risks and side effects. If you want to save the money and the pain of buying them over the counter, then injectable suppositories are the best choice. They are less expensive and you will only have to take them once per month. If you have an infection, then you can use these to treat your infection. However, it is always good to get to the doctor for a medical consultation. to get some professional advice first to see what could be done and how they can help you.

As with any other form of medication, if you are already taking some serious medical condition, it is always best to consult with a physician before starting on anything. Remember that you have to talk to your doctor first and get to know the risks and side effects.